bye, soul sister!

2010-06-12 at 21:58:34

Hej! eller hejdå!

ska kila ner till bussen nu och hem till alex, hoppas det blir kul ikväll! :) tänkte bara säga att ha en trevlig lördag! sup och själv!

Postat av: Anonym

You are so incredibly pathetic, how can you find Kissie to be an "idol" ? People like you give me no hope. Either you are an outsider with low self-esteem or you are simply stupid. I feel sad for you, that you could even utter those words really is quite embarrassing.

How is a person an idol who writes incredibly vile things of others online and doesn't have the balls to stand for it in real life ? If I said "Yeah, that Madelein. I wouldn't want to wake up if I had her brace face and gigantic nose. Plastic surgery? "

Would it make YOU feel better if I excused myself: "Oh dont worry Madelein, that is just what I say online. An act. I am a sweet person otherwise, I don't think you have a big nose. at all."

Grow up.

2010-06-12 @ 22:48:56
Postat av: mimmi

söt blogg:)

2010-06-13 @ 12:42:58
Postat av: Lina

Sv: Tack ! :)

2010-06-13 @ 15:32:19
Postat av: Yen

whata fuck? hahaha

go and write somewhere else!

2010-06-13 @ 18:57:56

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